More Than Hearing

When it comes to the ears, a look of beauty may be difficult to achieve naturally. Some people believe their ears are too large. Others find they stick out too far. Surgery can correct the issue of being too prominent, and even those looking for a new way to display their ears can find other surgical enhancements. While creating larger earlobes by placing spacers into them has been done for years now, some cosmetic surgeons are willing to operate and take out pieces of ears. This can have a dramatic and stunning effect cosmetically.

When the ears are considered as a beautiful part of a person’s overall beauty, they may want them to stand out. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to wear earrings. Most of them attach to the lower part of the ear. They can be small enough to remain centred in the earlobe, or they can be long enough to dangle down to the shoulder.

The beauty of ears is naturally part of the senses as a hearing organ, but looking at them as a part of the face is where most people consider their beauty. Enlarged holes, dangling lobes, and even the newest cosmetic procedures may all be enhancements. Colouring the ears has not been a particular favourite display tactic, but it may be coming soon.

Hiding the ears due to their shape or size is also a way to make a person believe they look beautiful. Long hair, straight or curly, can often be used to help. It can enhance the natural beauty of the head while hiding unsightly ears. Many people choose to have their hair trimmed at just the right length to expose only the amount of ear they want to be seen for the most beautiful look they can get.